Explore foreign markets with EXPORTOFBY.COM!

Internet as a distribution channel is full of information about goods and services. Internet represents a number of benefits to promote your services and goods. However, it is the opportunity to connect with potential customers worldwide. Today the Belarusian companies are able to take advantage of this opportunity. They will be represented to the international arena by a multilingual web directory EXPORTOFBY.COM.

Benefits of the portal EXPORTOFBY.COM for foreign enterprises:

  • You can obtain information about the Belarusian companies and their products in English, Spanish and Russian
  • You can easily find a reliable partner among the Belarusian companies listed in the Directory
  • The portal features user-friendly navigation, while the options to search through the companies by activity or region enable you to obtain relevant search results.
  • The photo gallery function allows viewing the best products of the Belarusian companies.
  • Registered users can use extensive interactive features for easy information management.

Benefits of registration on the portal EXPORTOFBY.COM for Belarusian companies:

  • You become a member of Web directory EXPORTOFBY.COM, and the annual reference book "Belarus Export - Export of Belarus».
  • The printed version of the directory is published to assist the Belarusians in presenting the products, goods, services and activities of the Belarusian enterprises in the international market. The catalogue is published in Russian, English and Spanish, with the participation and support of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Your potential customers will always find information about your products and your contacts.
  • You can send a request to edit your information at any time.
  • The photo gallery function of the Internet directory EXPORTOFBY.COM allows you to upload pictures of your best products.
  • You can easily find a partner in Belarus and abroad, as the Internet directory enables simultaneous support for three languages: Russian, English, Spanish
  • Registered users can use extensive interactive features for easy information management.
  • The Internet Directory EXPORTOFBY.COM is constantly optimized for international search engines, so, Europe knows about us.

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