«Belarusian Leather- Footwear Company «Marko» Managing Company of Holding LTD
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LTD «Managing Company of Holding «Belarusian Leather- Footwear Company «Marko» is one of the largest shoe manufacturers among the countries of CIS. This holding company includes organizations that specialize in the production of:

•Shoes:  LTD «Managing Company of holding «Belarusian Leather-Footwear Company «Marko», manufacturing unitary enterprise «San Marko», and OJSC «Red October»;
•Handbags and leather goods : private enterprise  « Vitma»;
•Fur and fur goods: unitary enterprise «Vitebsk fur factory».
 Every year the company produces more than 4 million pairs of shoes for men, women and children under the brand name «Marko», as well as shoes with premium brand «Bravo».
  All the products correspond to the international quality standards, the goods are produced according to the requests of ISO 9001. The holding's companies are the winners of numerous professional competitions and nominations, such as « Brand of the Year», «Choice of the Year», «Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus», «Best Goods of Belarus on the Russian market».

Dirección: 210033, Belarús, Vítebsk, avenida Frunze, 85.

Teléfono: +375 (212) 55-17-41. Fax: +375 (212) 55-97-63.

Sitio: E-mail:

Sección: Industria ligera

production of Shoes, Handbags and leather goods, Fur and fur goods

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