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OJSC “Plant “Optic” is the largest optical company founded in 1970.

Over the years the plant has established a reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality optical details. The Quality Management System is functioned in the company in conformity with the requirements of  ISO 9001:2008.

The main kinds of products:

•    mineral spectacle lenses for corrective eye glasses:  single vision stigmatic, single vision astigmatic, with sun-protective and anti-            computer coatings;
•    optical details for medical, military, scientific, electronic devices: lenses, prisms, mirrors, plates, tubes, rods;
•    fiber optics for optoelectronic devices of different purposes, night vision devices: faceplates and elements, tapers, lighting bundles;
•    laser active elements from KGW and KYW single crystals, doped with neodymium;
•    demonstration sets on physics for educational organizations;  
•    three-mirrors and four-mirrors ophthalmological lenses for diagnostic, lenses for indirect ophthalmoscopy, skiascopy frame, mirror ophthalmoscope.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!

Address: 231300, Belarus, Grodno region (Garodnia), Lida, Masherov St., 10.

Phone: +375 (154) 61-12-25, 61-12-20, 61-12-18. Fax: +375 (154) 61-12-43.

Site: opticlida.by E-mail:

Category: Instrument making. Optics. Mirrors. Glasses

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