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«Baranovichi Production Cotton Association» RUE
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«Baranovichi Production Cotton Association» RUE is the biggest textile manufacturer. The policy of our company is based on manufacture of high quality products of the European design.

We manufacture the wide assortment of:
• carding, combing, cotton and mixing yarn along with addition of chemical fibres;
• clothes for bed linen: satin, coarse calico, calico, flannel;
• clothes for table linen having water-, oil, grease-repellent treatment;
• costume and dressing clothes;
• clothes for special and medical dresses;
• bed linen sets (1.5, double sets, «Euro», «Duets») of various colours;
• table sets, souvenir products, sets for children, working dresses, sets for bathes and many others.

Our cotton clothes and garments are made of high quality cotton. Imported pigments are used for printing. For its stable and high quality of products the association possesses high reputation at the international market.

Address: 225410, Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, Fabrichnaya St., 7.

Phone: +375 (163) 476371, 476505, 475561. Fax: +375 (163) 475561.

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