«Granit» RUPE
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«Granit» RUPE is the biggest enterprise in Europe for production of non-metalliferous materials.

It has been in production at the market of construction materials during 40 years.

The main products of the enterprise include crushed stones of various fractions, as well as siftings of materials of rocks crushing.

The production capacities exceed 15 000 000 tons per annum.

Address: 225680, Belarus, Brest region, Luninets district, Mikashevichi.

Phone: +375 (1647) 43-6-00, 43-5-51, 43-5-86, 43-5-51. Fax: +375 (1647) 43-6-00, 43-5-86.

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Categories: Civil works and decorative materials, Construction machinery. Equipment. Tools

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