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«StalProduct-Invest» JLLC
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JLLC «StalProduct-Invest» is specialized in manufacture of non-standard equipment made of stainless steel for the purposes of milk and meat, food, cosmetic, chemical industries, the agrarian sector, as well as for manufacture of equipment of trade and public catering companies.


JLLC «StalProduct-Invest» renders a wide spectrum of services and has all required financial, material, technical and labour resources for effective, reliable and fruitful cooperation.


We offer the following equipment of our own production:


• Storage vessels (from min. to 100 м3).
• Baths (technological, for salting, self-pressing), washing basins.
• Press-trolleys, technological trolleys.
• Tables, supports, cabinets, racks of various configurations.
• Containers for cheese salting and maturing, trays for soft cheeses.
• Frames for smoking (sausage, fish and others).
• Servicing platforms for process equipment.
• Conveyers, roll-tables, transporters.
• Railings, guards, impingement plates, entrance groups, flights of stairs.
• Traps, sewage chutes.
• Trade and process equipment.
• Other non-standard articles according to customer’s drawings and sketches.


We render services for repair, installation and modernization of equipment.

Address: 224022, Belarus, Brest, 11 Kariernaya St..

Phone: +375 (162) 48-56-70, 48-56-91. Fax: +375 (162) 48-56-70, 48-56-91.

Site: stalprodukt.by E-mail:

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