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«Polotsk Dairy» UPE
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UPE “Polotsk Dairy Plant” is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry & one of few companies on which the latest methods & technologies for milk processing are applied.


“Polotsk Dairy Plant” is the export-oriented enterprise. 

Special attention is paid to quality issues and

safety of goods, expansion of sales markets, as well as to the development of new production technologies for total satisfaction of consumers’ demand. To ensure high quality and safety of food products, production sites are certified in accordance with the highest international and national standards: FSSC 22000, STB ISO 22000:2006, HAS 23000 (HalalAssuranceSystem). 

The main activity of the enterprise is the production and sale of whole-milk products, milk powder and butter. 

Today the production of the plant emerges in the market under the new brand “Safiyka” as well as under the well-known brands “Molochnoe Razdolie” and “Polochanka”. 

The share of export from total production output is more than 50%.  The company exports products to Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Abkhazia and other neighboring countries.

Address: 211413, Belarus, Vitebsk region, Polotsk, Frunze St., 35.

Phone: +375 (214) 42-24-06. Fax: +375 (214) 48-11-20.

Site: polotskmilk.by E-mail:

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