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«Grodno Azot» OJSC
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For the attention of farmers, agronomists, heads of agricultural enterprises and chemical agricultural companies.

Would you like to enhance efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers using, reduce their losses? Apply to «Grodno Azot» OJSC.

Among all mineral nitrogen fertilizers produced by the chemical industry of RB carbamide has the biggest nitrogen contents. «Grodno Azot» OJSC has mastered and arranged output of prilled carbamide. The long-term experience shows that this is the most brittle and the weakest nitrogen fertilizer what requires fulfillment of a number of conditions and development of extra measures during storage and transportation to consumers. Besides, during introduction to the soil the lion’s share of the fertilizer is washed out with atmospheric precipitations, and not all nitrogen is digested by plants.

Taking into account the world experience «Grodno Azot» OJSC mastered output of pelletized carbamide having increased strength and retarded solubility.

Pelletized carbamide is a product of white or slightly painted colour having the following physical and chemical features:

Mass share of nitrogen, in %, at least 46.2
Mass share of biuret, %, not exceeding 1.4
Mass share of water, by Fisher, %, not exceeding 0.5
Granulometric composition, %:
  Mass share of pellets:
  Having size from 2 to 5 mm, at least 95
  less than 1 mm, not exceeding 0.5
  more than 6 mm none
Triability, % 100
Strength of granules, kgf/pellet, at least 2

The use of pelletized carbamide will considerably increase efficiency of using (digesting) nitrogen by plants due to reduction of losses and washing out nitrogen by rain and surface waters and its lower solubility in the soil. Correspondingly, standards may be reconsidered for nitrogen introduction per 1 hectare of the ploughed area.

Operation with pelletized carbamide means better labour conditions, i.e. pellets are not destroyed, there are no dusting and clogging of means of introduction. More uniform spreading is achieved.
Presently, pelletized carbamide is only nitrogen fertilizers which may be used by taking into account its high strength, for preparation of complex fertilizers NPK out of ordinary fertilizers, by means of dry mixing, any composition with the account of soil background and cultivated cultures. Being so, such a procedure of fertilizer mixing may be carried out in any company with the use of improvised means.
You will immediately feel benefit of using the pelletized carbamide.

You want to improve efficiency of application of nitrogen fertilizers and reduce their losses apply to «Grodno Azot» OJSC.

Address: 230013, Belarus, Grodno, Kosmonavtov Ave., 100.

Phone: +375 (152) 74-52-44, 79-46-50.

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