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ELECTRONMASH PLANT, UE of Planar, State Scientific and Production Association manufactures and supplies artificial heart valves (15 typical sizes) and prosthetic correctors (12 typical sizes) which are used for implantation to the human heart instead of the affected aortic and mitral valves, as well as for replacement of formerly implanted valves.

Cardiologic departments, clinics, Ministries of Health Care are the main consumers of manufactured products of the given type.
Also, ELECTRONMASH PLANT, UE manufactures and supplies storage equipment, goods made of steel structures, trade and logistic equipment (conveyers), jet, laser printers.
ELECTRONMASH PLANT, UE may work out a design project for manufacture of products by orders according to the required sizes, specifications and within the period suitable for the Customer.

Address: 220033, Belarus, Minsk, Partizansky Ave., 2.

Phone: +375 (17) 289-18-37. Fax: +375 (17) 298-47-66.

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Category: Trade and special equipment

equipment, steel, structures, printers, implant

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