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«Scientific and Practical Centre for Foodstuffs of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus»
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Research and scientific works upon creation of new sorts of foodstuffs and technologies of their production, elaboration of normative and technological documentation.

Elaboration of engineering design documentation and manufacturing of technological equipment for every branch of food industry.
Elaboration of technologies of fruit and vegetable primary products, as well as potatoes storage and processing.
Certification of food and cosmetic products, as well as certification of packages.
Elaboration of methods, test operations on determination of product quality ratings and foodstuffs and vegetable primary products safety.
Execution of departmental arbitrary laboratory analyses.
Carry out targeted training of high qualification specialists for research institutions and food industry.

Address: 220037, Belarus, Minsk, 29 Kozlova St..

Phone: +375 (17) 294-09-96, 285-39-70. Fax: +375 (17) 285-39-71.

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Category: Scientific organizations

Elaboration of engineering design documentation

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