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Brest Regional Hospital, Healthcare Institution, was founded in 1944.

Bariatric and Endocrine Surgery in the Healthcare Facility “Brest Province Hospital”

The Healthcare Facility “Brest Province Hospital” on the basis of the 1st surgical department of the Brest Province Hospital performs the whole spectrum of bariatric surgery, i.e. related to metabolic surgery. It is aimed at overweight abolition (bariatric surgery) and correction of metabolic disorders. All surgical operations are performed by means of the laparoscopic method. The operative intervention and pre-operative preparation shall individually be selected by a multi-discipline team of specialists. During the post-operative period every patient is monitored during all his/her life, if necessary, along with the fulfillment of the following stages of plastic correction after bariatric surgery: abdominoplasty, mammoplasty and plastics of other problematic areas.

The cost for foreign citizens – from 2000 to 4000 USD.

Unique minimally invasive technologies are applied in thyroid gland surgery: endoscopic thyroidectomy and hemythyroidectomy, i.e. surgeries on elimination of the whole thyroid gland or its part without neck slits.The cost is equal to 650 USD.

In accordance with the world standards surgical interventions are undertaken in case of the pathology of parathyroid glands (hyperparathyroidism). The cost is equal to 700 USD.

Address: 224027, Belarus, Brest, Medicinskaya str.,7.

Phone: +375 (162) 27-26-63, 27-21-19.

Site: hospital.brest.by

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