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SG-Trans Republican Unitary Enterprise involved in supplying and carrying liquefied petroleum gases is qualified to be a business entity of the republican form of property.

The Company is involved in rendering forwarding services on arranging the haulage of liquid hydrocarbon gas family by rail both in the country and outside it and is an entity occupying a dominant position in the product markets of the Republic of Belarus.
SG-Trans owns around a thousand of oil cars for carrying liquefied petroleum gases.
SG-Trans RUE is in a constant search of new markets for its services. It is operating consistently and profitably and upgrading from its own funds its rolling equipment in use.
A major objective of SG-Trans RUE is to procure smoothly functioning schedule of outbound of oil gas products from the following refineries: Naftan Joint Stock Company, Polymir Plant, Mozyr Refinery Joint Stock Company, Belarusneft Production Association RUE, including Belarusian GPP, and deliver liquid gas family to the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus in full scope.
The production capacity of SG-Trans RUE makes it possible to procure rendering forwarding services on outbounding gas family from the refineries on due dates and in full scope to comply with its commitments.
The gas products are delivered to business and municipal users of the Republic of Belarus. Along with this SG-Trans RUE is involved in exporting gas products within the framework of the contracts signed with residents of the Republic of Belarus.

Address: 211440, Belarus, Vitebsk region, Novopolotsk, 13 Promyshlennaya str..

Phone: +375 (214) 53-20-30. Fax: +375 (214) 53-20-30.

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