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The Hospital is operating the following departments: therapeutics, heart disease, neurology, department of surgery, traumatology, ENT, gynecology, maternity, children’s service, contagious isolation ward, anesthesia and resuscitation department

The departments units are functioning:

Surgery Department No. 1 and No. 2, Internal Medicine Department, Pediatric Department, Department of Infectious Disease and Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Department.

Outpatient care is provided in all profiles.

High-technology surgery interventions:

combined abdominal surgeries with resection of annexa, reparative surgeries on the stomach, reparative surgeries on the intestine; transplantation of bone fragments with cortical layer. Complex medical interventions are performed.

Endoscopy: fiberscopy and gastroscopy; bronchoscopy; colonoscopy; rectoscopy.

Functional diagnostics: ambulatory blood pressure monitoring; Holter monitoring; EKG; spirometry; cardiac stress test.

Ultrasound diagnosis:  heart, internal organs, thyroid body and breast, soft tissues, lymph nodes, vessels (veins and arteries of the lower extremities), men prostate gland in men with a withdrawal of biopsic material.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory: a wide range of hematologic clinical, biochemical, immunohematologic, immunochemical, serologic studies.

Address: 231513, Belarus, Grodno region (Garodnia), Shchuchin, Michourina Str., 22.

Phone: +375 (1514) 2-89-09. Fax: +375 (1514) 2-95-61.

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Category: Medical provision, service and preparations

Complex surgical interventions, Endoscopy, Cardiology, Odontology

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