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«Mogilevgruzservice» RUE «Mogilev Division of Belarusian Railway»
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It renders the following services:

- loading and unloading works with cargoes having the mass by 50 tons;
- calculation of cargo fastening in wagons along with development of loading schemes;
- installation and dismantling of gantry cranes;
- repair of electric gantry cranes with the use of welding;
- manufacture and repair of all types of cargo catching devices with the use of welding;
- provision of specialized machinery to other enterprises and companies, i.e. vehicle-mounted towers, truck-mounted cranes, bucket and small-size loaders, MTZ-80 tractors, timber trailer with manipulator;
- interurban and international transports of 20-feet and 40-feet containers, cargo transportation in own 40-feet containers.
Mogilev - tel/fax: (+375 222) 39-42-63; Krichev - tel/fax: (+ 375 2241) 5-81-63; Bobruisk - tel/fax: (+375 225) 46-50-73; Slutsk- tel/fax: (+375 1795) 2-91-08; Kostuykovichi - tel/fax: (+375 2245) 3-54-30.
Location of goods and transport means at storehouses of temporary storage (STS) and in areas of customs control.

Address: 212026, Belarus, Mogilev region (Mahileu), settlement Zagorski, 5a.

Phone: +375 (222) 39-43-47, 40-31-24. Fax: +375 (222) 39-22-63.

Site: mogilev.rw.by E-mail:

Categories: Services of warehouse and shipping logistics, Railroad, sea and air transportation

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