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«Paper Mill «Spartak» JSC
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OJSC «Paper Mill «Spartak» is a modern company using the latest technologies and equipment of leading European manufacturers for making paper, corrugated cardboard and products made from them.

At present OJSC «Paper Mill «Spartak» produces over 20 products. The production is specialized in the production of the following main products:

  • paper (paper for goffering, paper base for the production of toilet paper, towels and napkins paper);
  • corrugated board of three, five and two layers;
  • corrugated cardboard boxes with the possibility of applying three-color printing;
  • trays for the egg.

The products corresponds to demands with ISO 9001-2009.

More than 40% of sold products are exported. Export is made to the countries of the Near and Far Abroad, as well as to the European Union.


Address: 213004, Belarus, Mogilev region (Mahileu), Shklov, 26 Fabrichnaya Str..

Phone: +375 (2239) 70-138 .

Site: bfs.by E-mail:

Category: Tare and Packing. Carton. Paper

base paper for the production of toilet paper, napkins, towels, crimped cardboard, crimped packing, uneven washer, products for sanitary purposes

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