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«Belstekloprom» Unitary Enterprise
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Belstekloprom Unitary Enterprise is a resident of Gomel-Raton free economic zone and has been involved in manufacturing glass bottles of various form and capacity since January 1, 2009

The technological process is maintained while operating only imported facilities:

- a glass-melting furnace with the capacity equal to 260 tons of fluid glass/day, produced by Horn Company        (Germany);
- IS-10 and IS-8 glass-forming machines employing the double blowing process produced by Heye Company    (Germany), the capacity is equal to 180 bottles per minute;
- annealing furnaces of Pennekamp Company (Germany);
- inspection machines of EMHART Company (USA)
- packing machinery – ALLGLASS palletizers and MSK shrink wrapper (Germany).

The Company’s engineering capacity makes it possible to manufacture products of various glass brands: brown, green and colorless ones.

Address: 246000, Belarus, Gomel, Lepeshinsky str., 7.

Phone: +375 (232) 68-43-78, 68-43-34.

Site: belstekloprom.com E-mail:

Categories: Porcelain. Crystal. Glass., Containers and package. Tableware

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