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«Gomel Plant of Measuring Devices» OJSC
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Manufacture of devices for physic-chemical analysis of liquid media.


- express-analyzer for carbon with weight corrector АН-7529М, АН-7560М;

- express-analyzer for sulfur with weight corrector АС-7932М;

- industrial pH-meters П-210, П-210МП, П-215М, П-215И, П-215Д;

- immersible device ДПг-4М and main device ДМ-5М;

- indicators (signaling devices) of chromates СХ-2 and cyanides СЦ-2;

- conductometriс concentration meter КП-203;

- conductometric fluid analyzer КП-202;

- indicator of short circuit ИКЗ-02;

- electronic tachometer ТЭ-02.


- рН-meters рН-150M, pH-150МП with knife device;

- ionomers И-160МП, И-160.1МП, рХ-150МП;

- universal polarograph ПУ-1;

- laboratory nitratomer рNO3-07;

- dissolved oxygen device АЖА-101.1М, АЖА-101.М;

- radioactive indicator ИР-11;- automatic titration unit БАТ-15.2МП;

- magnetic stirrer MM-01, MM-02, ММ-03;

- laboratory stands ШУ-1, ШУ-2, ШЛ -96, ШЛ -98, ШЛ -98.1, ШЛ -106;

- drying low-temperature cabinets SNOL; Laboratory stands for Physics and Chemistry classrooms.

Electricity supply METER ЭЭ8003/2.

ELECTRODES for potentionmetric measurements.


The  devices have been certified.

Address: 246001, Belarus, Gomel, 49 Internatsionalnaya Str..

Phone: +375 (232) 75-72-69, 75-58-34. Fax: +375 (232) 75-56-06, 75-48-46.

Site: zipgomel.by E-mail:

Category: Instrument making. Optics. Mirrors. Glasses

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