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Educational and developing wooden aid-toys made by «LAM» Co. have long ago become popular among children and their parents, pedagogues, psychologists, ergotherapists, specialists in the field of inclusive education in many countries of the Western Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

But why aid-toys of «LAM» Co. are so popular?

- because they are simple: toys and aids are made of natural wood which carries special positive energy and promotes harmonization of the child’s condition;
- because they are convenient for children: contact with wooden surfaces of boards, dominoes, lotto and even boxes, where trade games and toys are made and kept, is incredibly natural, and it does not entail child’s unpleasant sensations;
- because they are convenient for parents and pedagogues: every toy is supplied with detailed methodical recommendations of specialists;
-because they have aesthetic appearance: bright toys, which have harmonic colour and shape, attract children’s attention;
- because they have high quality: toys of «LAM» Co. are invariably best known for their excellent quality, ecological pureness and high didactic efficiency.
- because of their universalism: combination of functions of education, development and entertainment in a single toy makes it possible to save money of the family budget.

Production of «LAM» Co. is a real «sensitive world» in toys for your child!

Address: 222310, Belarus, Minsk region, 143L V. Gostinets Str., Molodechno.

Phone: +375 (17) 674-48-24. Fax: +375 (17) 674-44-18.

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Educational and developing wooden aid-toys

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