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We create history! We decorate the city! We create a new style! We are always ready for cooperation!

OJSC «Building Trust №1» is a construction company with a very rich history. For 70 years the trust has built more than 150 schools, about 360 kindergartens, nearly 100 higher and secondary educational institutions, more than 150 health facilities, 96 office buildings, 40 sport facilities, more than 70 units of trade, culture and consumer services.

Today «Building Trust №1» is 12 departments, 5 general contracting offices, 2.7 thousand employees.

Our credo is: a flexible price policy, individual approach to each customer.

Our strong point: the uniqueness. We realize unusual projects, using the most advanced technologies and materials.

We specialize in the construction and reconstruction of non-standard buildings, most of which have already become a tourist destination.

We build EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY: industrial, administrative, civil buildings and structures, as well as accommodation for YOU!

Dirección: 220034, Belarús, Minsk, 15 Platonova Str..

Teléfono: +375 (17) 294-02-58. Fax: +375 (17) 294-00-65.

Sitio: E-mail:

Secciónes: Obras de construccion y materiales de decoracion, Organizaciones de diseño. Obras básicas

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