«Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin» Educational institution
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The major educational institution of the Brest region

     The University has three academic buildings, 5 dormitories, sport center with swimming pool, library, biological museum, ethnographic museum, museum of history of physical culture of Brest region, winter garden and garden with continuously flowering plants as well as training agrobiologic base.
     Professional higher-education teaching personnel prepares specialists on 46 specialties of the I degree of higher education, 21 specialties of master courses («Mathematics», «Physics», «Web-programming and internet technologies» are taught in English), 16 specialties of postgraduate training program.
     University’s education services of are attractive and competitive. More than 450 foreign citizens from Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the USA, South Korea, Spain, Pakistan, Bangladesh are studying at the university. Preparatory department, courses of Russian language as a foreign language, Summer school of Russian language are available for foreign citizens.

Address: 224016, Belarus, Brest, 21 Kosmonavtov bulvar.

Phone: +375 (162) 21-65-17. Fax: +375 (162) 21-70-53 .

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Mathematics, Physics, Web-programming and internet technologies

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