«Vitebsk department of the Belarusian Railways» UE
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Our reliable partner in transport services

We offer a wide range of services:
     cargo delivery by railway and trucks;
     freight forwarding;
     shipping and receiving services, cargo warehousing and storing both in warehouses and outdoor areas;
     design of optimal cargo delivery schemes for railway and road transportation;
     shipping and receiving services using 20 – 40 feet containers, container transportations in «Viking» and «ZUBR» high-speed trains;
     consulting on cargo transportation organization, documents drawing up, transportation cost calculation;
     cargo weighing on wagon and car scales, scales maintenance and repair;
     layover of surplus yard of wagons standing on the section’s public railway;
     overall, depot, and regular uncoupling repair of freight stock;
     overall repair of supporting electric equipment and armature winding production for traction equipment;
     preparation of truck and railway tanks and containers for oil products transportation, processing of internal surfaces of railway tanks, external washing of railway tanks before depot and overall repair followed by painting;
    regular maintenance and repair of railway tracks, isolated track works;
    services to various enterprises and individuals on vehicle state technical examination, tire assembling services, car and microbuses automatic washing services.

Address: 210001, Belarus, Vitebsk, 10 Kosmonavtov Str..

Phone: +375 (212) 33-33-12. Fax: +375 (212) 33-33-39.

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Category: Railroad, sea and air transportation

cargo delivery by railway and trucks; freight forwarding, warehousing and storing both in warehouses and outdoor areas

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