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Development and manufacturing of vacuum equipment

We offer vacuum units both in the standard configuration and units specially made for required coatings and fusion-bonded article.

Series of vacuum units for decorative coating application
VTT-750M2D13IS1, VTT-950M2D1IS1, VTT1300M2D1IS1           

Series of vacuum units for optical parts coating
VTT-700Е2I, VTT-800Е2I, VTT-1100Е2I, VTT-1200Е2I, VTT-1900Е2I

Series of vacuum units for coatings application onto large-sized articles

Series of vacuum units for hardening coating application
VTT-500D2IS1, VTT-700D4IS1, VTT-700D6IS1U2, VTT900D8IS2, VTT-1100D8IS1U2

Our task is to maximally meet customer’s demands for to the best value.

«VTT» Ltd. Co. specialists are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation and meeting customer’s wishes.

Address: 231042, Belarus, Grodno region (Garodnia), Smorgon, J.Kolasa proezd, 4.

Phone: +375 (1592) 4-­12-­90. Fax: +375 (1592) 4-­12-­90.

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Category: Vacuum technologies and special-purpose

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