«Elektrocentrmontazh» OJSC
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Safety. Quality. Customer Satisfaction

«Elektrocentrmontazh» Open Joint Stock Company is the leading enterprise in the electric power industry of the Republic of Belarus with long-term experience (over 55 years).


«Elektrocentrmontazh» OJSC carries out: construction, electric installation works and installation and start-up work of any electrical equipment and automation systems, as well as manufactures various metal goods, cable ducts and construction, the panel cutout (cabinets, panels, cutouts, stands, boxes), sensor stands and other products of the energy profile.


The specialists of «Elektrocentrmontazh» OJSC participated in construction and reconstruction of major energy facilities in the Republic of Belarus and abroad: Russia, Iraq, Mongolia, Cuba, Angola, India, Greece, Germany, China, Cyprus, Guinea and many other countries.

Address: 220019, Belarus, Minsk, industrial zone «Zapadnaya», Montazhnikov Str., 37.

Phone: +375 (17) 506-03-33. Fax: +375 (17) 212-50-29.

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Categories: Civil works and decorative materials, Design and construction of power circuits and systems, Energy. Electronics. Cabel products

Safety. Quality. Customer Satisfaction

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