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«Grodnohlebprom» JSK
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JSC «Grodnohlebprom» - is the main producer of bakery products in the Grodno region.

JSC «Grodnohlebprom»


1. Production of bread and bakery products.

2. Manufacture of confectionery products.

3. Manufacture of dried and barock products, cookies, pies and cakes with long terms of sale, gingerbread, sweets and sugar.

4. Retail trade in bakery and confectionery products, as well as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products and a grocery group of goods.

JSC «Grodnohlebprom" - is the main producer of bakery products in the Grodno region. Another area of ​​the company's activity is the production of bakery products for medical and preventive purposes. Adding in the bread of betacarotene, bran, crushed and whole grains, sea kale, fructose, dry gluten and so on. allows to effectively solve the problems of prevention and treatment of various diseases associated with the deficiency of certain substances in the human body.

Dirección: 230005, Belarús, Grodno, 52 Dzerzhinsky Str..

Teléfono: +375 (152) 74-44-94. Fax: +375 (152) 74-44-94.

Sitio: hlebprom.by E-mail:

Sección: Articulos de harina y confiteria. Harina. Grano


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