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Your reliable partner! arrangement of transportation for all types of cargoes

During transportation of cargoes the Brest division of the Brest Railway renders the following services:

- arrangement of transportation for all types of cargoes, including perishable goods, agricultural products and machinery, livestock, out-of-gauge and long goods;

- provision of railway cars and containers for transportation of cargoes by railroad, as well as of reliable locking and sealing devices for them;

- loading and unloading works;

- reloading of export-import and transit cargoes from cars of track gauge 1435 mm to cars of track gauge 1520 mm and back, including high-capacity containers;

- development of cargoes arrangement and fastening schemes, including heavy, out-of-gauge and long cargoes, on open rolling stock of track gauge 1520 mm;

- reinstallation of loaded and empty cars of track gauge 1520 mm to cars of track gauge 1435 mm and back, including, including reservoir-trucks, refrigerator sections and other specialized rolling stock;

- storage of cargoes in common facilities of stations;

- servicing of refrigerator containers;

- transportation and forwarding services;

- other services by applicant’s order.

Dirección: 224004, Belarús, Brest, Privokzalnaya Square, bld.1.

Teléfono: +375 (162) 26-33-12. Fax: +375(162)26-33-33.

Sitio: E-mail:

Sección: Transportacion esporferrocarril

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