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Leading manufacturer and exporter of broad-spectrum medicinal products in the Republic of Belarus.

OJSC Borisovskiy Zavod Medicinskikh Preparatov is the leading manufacturer and exporter of broad-spectrum medicinal products in the Republic of Belarus.

The assortment portfolio of the enterprise consists of 300 medicinal products of 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups. OJSC BZMP is specializing in manufacturing of: 

- injectable solutions in ampoules;

- sterile powder forms of antibiotics; 

- medicinal products in the form of tablets and gelcaps;

- liquid phytochemical medicinal products and soft dosage forms.

Production sites of  OJSC BZMPC are certified for compliance with GMP standards.

In the recent years, since 2008, OJSC BZMP has been recognized to be the best exporter of medicinal products of the Republic of Belarus. Export shipment of the enterprise amount to 50% of total sales.The products are exported to 24 countries of the world, including the CIS and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

The achieved status of the manufacturer of up-to-date, safe, effective and affordable medicines is high and justifies the choice of those who has given us the power with their most valuable possession – their health.

We are entrusted with the most valuable possession!

Address: 222518, Belarus, Minsk region, Borisov (Barysau), Chapaev str., 64.

Phone: +375 (177) 73-22-61. Fax: +375 (177) 73-40-43.

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Categories: Medical provision, service and preparations,

solutions for injection and sterile powdered antibiotics, tablets, liquid phytochemical preparations and soft dosage forms, dry-filled capsules

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