«Republican Center for Research and Practice in Otolaryngology», SI
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is the leading establishment of the Republic of Belarus in the field of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of otorhinolaryngological, psychoneurological, correctional and pedagogical profile.

RCRP in Otolaryngology performs the whole spectrum of researches of the sense of hearing, functions of nasal breathing, voice and speech, new approaches to their early correction and complex rehabilitation; it introduces modern medical technologies, effective methods of surgical treatment of ENT-organs.

The following types of surgical interferences are carried out in the Centre:
- cochlear implantation;
- middle ear implantation by means of the Vibrant system;
- osteal implantation by means of the Bonbrige system;
- osteal implantation by means of the BAHA system;
- stapedoplasty;
- tympanoplasty of all types with the use of middle ear implants;
- functionalendoscopicrhionosurgery;
- surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome;
- correctivesurgery (otoplasty, rhinosurgery);
- surgeries of pharynx with videoendoscopic control (adenoidectomy, tonsillotomy, tonsillectomy).

 Highly qualified personnel, modern equipment, high culture of patient-physician relationship bring about favourable atmosphere for recovery of each patient.

 The educational centre is functioning on the base of RCRP in Otolaryngologyand implementing of qualification improvement programs in the following directions:
- «Otopharyngeal implantation»;
- «Middle ear surgery»;
- «Surgical treatment of congenital defects of external and middle ear»;
- «Obstructivesleepapnoeasyndrome»;
- «Functional endoscopic rhionosurgery and conservative treatment of nasal diseases».

Address: 220004, Belarus, Minsk, Sukhaya Str., 8.

Phone: +375 (17) 200-34-77 . Fax: +375 (17) 200-34-77 .

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