«Minsk group of the bread products», OJSC
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Producer of flour, flour mixes, cereals and pasta

OJSC «Minsk group of the bread products» was founded in 1950 and today it is the biggest producer of flour, flour mixes, cereals and pasta in Belarus. Every year we process about 200 thousand tons of grain from which wheat and rye flour, cereals, pasta and flour mixes are made. Totally we produce more than 60 items which are in high demand both in domestic and foreign markets. We cooperate with more than 10 counties including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, USA, Australia, Jordan and others. Produced under the “Stolichnaya Melnitsa” trade mark our products meet the highest state quality and safety requirements. According to the ISO standards, the quality management system, HACCP and the environmental management system have been established and now are successfully functioning within our company.

Address: 220088, Belarus, Minsk, Slesarnaya Str., 48.

Phone: +375 (17) 377-31-57, 397-66-24. Fax: +375 (17) 377-24-36.

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Category: Baking and confectionary products. Flour. Cereals

wheat flour, rye flour, cereals, pasta, flour mixes

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