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Belimporttorg OJSC is a successor of the Brest base of imported goods of the Trade Department of the Ministry of Trade of the USSR based on June 19, 1969.

The company is a member of the Association of International Forwarders and Logistics “BAME”.
Since 2010 the company has been accredited at Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC and this is a commodity exchange warehouse.

The company performs:

• Storage of cargoes under the customs control.
• Reloading, sorting and dispatch of products on the territory
of the Republic of Belarus to CIS states and Europe according
to principles of «goods wagon-goods wagon», «goods wagon-vehicle»
and «vehicle-goods wagon».
• Transportation and forwarding activity.
• Provision of storage areas to industrial enterprises and trading
companies for storage of products.

Our advantages:

• Total area of warehouses is equal to 55 thousand m2.
• Availability of West European and Eastern railway gauge.
• Availability of temporary storage warehouses and a customs warehouse.
• Heated storage complex.
• Covered railway and automobile manifold.
• Working experience for procession of cargoes.
• Simultaneous loading/unloading of 20 wagons on the Eastern gauge
and 16 wagons on the West European gauge.

Address: 224024, Belarus, Brest, Inzhenernaya Str., 19.

Phone: +375 (162) 45-57-41, 45-54-33. Fax: +375 (162) 45-53-38.

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Category: Services of warehouse and shipping logistics

storage of cargoes under the customs control, transportation and forwarding activity

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