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Directory of enterprises and organisations in Belarus - Meat processing industry. Poultry products.

«Slonim Meat Processing Plant» OJSK

Is one of the leading meat processing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Its main activity is the production of meat, sausages, meat delicacies, half-prepared products, canned products and canned cat and dog food.

Address: 231800, Belarus, Grodno region (Garodnia), Slonim, 35 Сhkalova Str.

Phone: +375 (1562) 5-08-39. Fax: +375 (1562) 5-08-39.

Site: slmeat.by E-mail:

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"Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy" JSC

Our motto is «We take care of your health!»

Address: 222750, Belarus, Minsk region, Dzerzhinsk district, Fanipol, Zavodskaya St., 8.

Phone: +375 (17) 217-02-99. Fax: +375 (17) 167-15-37.

Site: akd.by E-mail:

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«Brest meat processing plant» JSC

We will help you to develop your business!

Address: 224014, Belarus, Brest, Pisatela Smirnova str., 4.

Phone: +375 (162) 27-79-76, 27-79-54, 27-79-80.

Site: brestmeat.by E-mail:

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«Veles Meat» LLC

Modern meat processing enterprise fitted with the equipment which meets all the requirements for output of high quality products of the widest assortment.

Address: 222310, Belarus, Minsk region, Molodzechno (Maladzechna), Gorodokskaya st., 103, f. 31.

Phone: +375 (176) 54-62-62. Fax: +375 (176) 54-62-10.

Site: veles-meat-molodechno.by E-mail:

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