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Locality: Novopolotsk,

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The hospital renders a wide spectrum of medical services.

Address: 211440, Belarus, Vitebsk region, Novopolotsk, 4 Gajdar Str..

Phone: +375 (214) 53-04-42. Fax: +375 (214) 53-62-10.

Site: ncgb.by E-mail:

Registration date: 09:31 24.10.2018.  Hits: 4535

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«Izmeritel» OJSC

«Izmeritel» Open Joint Stock Company is an instrument-making enterprise focused on manufacture of complex electronics, including special purpose ones.

Address: 211440, Belarus, Vitebsk region, Novopolotsk, Molodezhnaya str., 166.

Phone: +375 (214) 58-41-21. Fax: +375 (214) 58-11-03.

Site: izmeritel.org E-mail:

Registration date: 13:25 03.08.2018.  Hits: 7717

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«SG-Trans» PUE

SG-Trans Republican Unitary Enterprise involved in supplying and carrying liquefied petroleum gases is qualified to be a business entity of the republican form of property.

Address: 211440, Belarus, Vitebsk region, Novopolotsk, 13 Promyshlennaya str..

Phone: +375 (214) 53-20-30. Fax: +375 (214) 53-20-30.

Site: sgtrans.by E-mail:

Registration date: 11:27 17.09.2018.  Hits: 6382

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